Office Space Designs to Inspire Innovation and Creativity

An office is like a blank canvas: there's so much potential to unlock when it comes to your office space designs and the options are endless!

Your design should reflect the theme and vibe of your company, so as to tell any customer walking into it "this is why you should do business with us"!

Also, consider that you and your employees have to work there 40 or more hours per week, so it's beneficial to create a space that they enjoy stepping into each day.

With a world of possibilities, let these incredible office space designs inspire you in your search for your office space design!

Check out These Amazing Office Space Designs

Although there are millions of awesome designs out there, we've listed our top three that capture an open office layout and individualistic features.


As the industry leader in vacation rentals, Airbnb's headquarters in San Francisco offers an open office space that provides a visual representation of their services.

The entire office is made to look like a giant neighborhood, with many different easy-on-the-eyes aesthetics that pair nicely together. 

Almost every room in the office has a separate theme, relating to their services where no two homes are the same.

The colorful and open floor plan serves as the epitome for a modern office.

Facebook (London HQ)

Deep in the heart of London, you will find the second headquarters of Facebook.

While they search for even more space, their current office provides an unfinished look, as piping and panels are all exposed, providing their employees with an "our work isn't finished yet" ideology. 

The office contains several stories and a central staircase that climbs up to the top floor.

A perfect mixture of bright colors (rainbow-themed items throughout) and rustic lighting provide the perfect downtown aesthetic to give workers a boost.

If that doesn't energize them enough, the office also has free candy and coffee to give them the kick they need!

The comfy floor plan gives a kick-your-feet-up feel to its employees and makes them feel right at home!

Chicago Bears (Downtown Office)

Next time you're in downtown Chicago, be sure to take a stroll down North Wacker Drive... home of the Chicago Bears' Downtown Front Office.

Inside this skyscraper is a full representation of their history and storied franchise.

This space has eight private offices, two private rooms, two lounge spaces, a cafe, and a room for nursing mothers... they thought of EVERYTHING!

Every room has access to natural lighting, such as their conference room that overlooks the famous Chicago River.

What's the best way to cure your workers' natural need to know what's going on outside? Give them a workspace that shows them what's going on outside.

"Da Bears" used beautiful glass partitions to give it an open space feel.

Complete Your Dream Office Layout Today

Dreams require open spaces... and offices do too.

Adding dazzling glass partitions to your office layout can invite creativity and open minds.

Whether you're looking for storefront windows, room length mirrors for your gym, or something in-between, we provide customized and beautiful installations to meet your needs.

Be sure to check out our article on how glass partitions can fit into your office space designs

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