Custom Frameless Sneeze Guard

Sneezing is a natural occurrence in humans. If you are in the restaurant-line business or are in any way involved in the food service business, you may need a sneeze protector. Sneeze guards are essential to keep food free of contamination in any food-selling or food-service establishment.

We understand that there are many types of standard sneeze guards on the market. But if you want to differentiate your food business from the competition, you should think about choosing one that is made to order and has the minimum number of metal frames.

A common practice that is noted in the standard sneezing industry involves the systems of joint in frames. These systems are not very efficient because bacteria and pathogens can accumulate in the cracks and cavitates of the joints.

Tempered glass is the ideal material for the manufacture of a sneeze guard since it is harder to wear down during daily use. Another advantage that tempered glass brings is that it is not as flexible as plastic and can withstand more weight. In addition, it is easier to maintain, especially when it comes to cleaning.