Bring the Spa Home: 5 Luxurious Shower Designs

Is your grimy old shower in desperate need of an upgrade? 

A new shower can be as good as an entire bathroom remodel, increasing the value of your home without costing a fortune.

With tons of cool, modern shower designs out there, it's now possible to install a shower that makes a real statement. With a little work, your bathroom can feel like your very own home spa.

Ready to get inspired by five luxurious shower designs?

1. Feature Wall Shower 

Walk-in showers with seamless glass doors and one bold feature wall are all the rage at the moment, and they're a great way to make your bathroom feel really unique.

You could choose simple tiles in a bright color or unusual pattern, a bold marble wall, or a colorful natural stone.

If there's a material you really love and want to feature it in your bathroom, your shower is a great place to position it.

2. Subway Tile Shower 

Subway tile showers are very trendy right now, and they create a nice look that blends retro vibes and modern design. This kind of shower definitely wouldn't feel out of place in a luxury loft apartment.

You can choose tiles in almost any color you like, although muted greens, greys and blues are popular.

3. Teak Floor Shower 

Want to really feel like you're inside a spa?

Adding a teak floor tray to a regular glass shower is definitely worth considering.

As well as being more pleasant to stand on than regular ceramic, a teak floor adds a warm, rustic look to your entire bathroom. The flooring can be any size you want, so it works for large walk-in showers and small cubicle showers.

Teak is naturally water-resistant and can also be used to create shower benches.

4. Marble and Gold Shower 

Are you looking for something really high-end and luxurious?

A shower with marble walls and gold fittings could be perfect.

Marble is a beautiful material that's available in a surprising range of shades, from the traditional white and light grey to darker grey with flecks of color.

Purchase high-end fittings in gold to complete the look, and consider tapping into retro style with large, flat shower heads and traditional taps to turn the water on and off.

5. Glass Ceiling Shower 

Is your home in a stunning location? Do you want to soak up some natural beauty while you shower?

It's a big investment, but a glass ceiling shower is the best way for nature-lovers to shower under the stars. You'll still be able to tile the walls around your shower, so you don't have to miss out on the ideas above.

We'd recommend adding a long bench to your glass ceiling shower, so you can sit back and enjoy the view for as long as you like.

Why Consider Luxury Shower Designs?

Your shower can be so much more than a practical place to get clean.

Using the shower designs above as inspiration, you can turn your shower into a stunning feature that takes your bathroom to the next level - and increases the value of your home.

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