5 Glass Shower Doors That Will Reinvent your Space!

Thinking about remodeling or upgrading your home? There's one room you need to start with -- the bathroom. 

Why? An upgraded bathroom adds the most value to your home and you can get back nearly 50% of what you pay for it. 

It's no wonder bathroom remodeling has grown by 40% in the past few years. It makes sense; it's one room you probably use every day. 

If you want to make your bathroom an oasis and bring a little more luxury to your life, you need glass shower doors. Here are five that you'll want to install right away! 

1) French Shower Doors

French doors and windows are a classy -- and classic -- addition to any home. Keep this trend going by adding them to your bathroom. 

This look is very beautiful and dramatic. It works best in a larger master bathroom. 

2) Frosted with Designs

Frosted glass doors are playful and pretty. They're a great way to have a little more privacy or just add a bit of texture to your shower. 

Why not add a few designs to them? It doesn't have to be complicated; some simple circles or even a few horizontal stripes would look nice. 

3) Frameless Shower Doors

Traditional glass showers are secured to the tub or floor with an ugly metal strip. Frameless doors are all glass from top to bottom. 

While they cost a little more to install, they're worth it. They're easier to clean and give the bathroom a fresh, unified look. 

You'll love the way a frameless glass shower opens up the space and lets more light in. It's one of the easiest ways to bring a touch of luxury to your home. 

4) Partial Glass Panel

Why bother with doors at all? You can make your shower or tub that much easier to get in and out of with just a single glass partition. 

Your shower has to be built a certain way for this to work. You can't have water splashing out of the back of your shower. 

Talk to a bathroom remodeling pro to make sure you can go with just the partition. If you've got the green light, you'll enjoy installing this simple yet elegant design.

5) Complete Glass Enclosure

Do you have a shower that's partially obscured by walls covered with bulky tile? Consider knocking them down and making your entire shower top to bottom glass. 

Design elements like half walls interrupt the line of sight. This makes your room look cluttered and smaller than it actually is. 

Bathrooms are already fairly small compared to the rest of the house. Open up your home by creating a shower completely enclosed in glass. 

Upgrade your Glass Shower Doors

We know these beautiful glass shower doors have inspired you. These five options are all great upgrades to your home. 

If you liked more than one style, use different shower glass doors in different bathrooms. Transform every bathroom you have with just one simple change. 

We want to help your design dreams come true. If you're ready to add value to your home and luxury to your life with a new glass shower, contact us today